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The Miracle Club




»I take no farther occasion from this Circumstance, but to arme you with consolation, how low soever God be pleased to cast you, though it be to the earth, yet he does not so much cast you downe, in doing that, as bring you home. Death is not a banishing of you out of this world; but it is a visitation of your kindred that lie in the earth; neither are any nearer of kin to you, than the earth it selfe, and the wormes of the earth.«

-- John Donne


1)  THE MIRACLE CLUB are artists, philosophers, mystics and priests. We have circumnavigated this marvelous globe and have seen many wonders: dry rain, cotton thunder, reptilian false apostles, Occidental witch trials, arcane Oriental meta-sciences, subterranean Maori meeting houses, and sub-zero arctic wedding banquets. All our adventures have been meticulously documented in a variety of formats, including (but not limited to) magnetic tape, Tarukallian digital encryption, and traditional Tibetian skull storage. In the recent past, our Public has gleefully confused and entranced itself (via the library in our London headquarters) with selections from our well-catalogued expeditions. It is imaginable (and highly likely) that similar events might occur in the near future in New York City and environs.


2)  We revere and adore Donne. O Teacher! We were created for this earth. We are, all of us, spirit and flesh, clay and light, ever recurring, ever eternal. The children of this earth speak. . . .


3)  Can you imagine a spectre talking to you? Addressing you and only you?


4)  Do such Beings originate from within or without?


5)  We have been "in touch" with painters from ages past -- Desiderio da Settignano, Philip Guston, and Joseph Wright of Derby, and myriad others.


6)  Few artists are courageous enough to confront the Great Mysteries. We Miracle Clubbers also lack courage. We are gifted, however, with a modicum of self-awareness and an abundance of fortitude.


7)  When we first heard the Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane" we'd been writing and communing with extradimentional beings all night, rocking and rolling over lofty incantations which, in the Golden Dawn, were deemed stanzas of utter gibberish. We understood this song. Our first seance had indeed rocked us. We were never the same afterward.


8)  What is the function of the artist-mystic in the Society with which he or she is bound to resonate? The function of THE MIRACLE CLUB is to electrify (and de-toxify) our acolytes and audiences until they become quasi-enlightened aesthetes. We nourish. We give. We take away. We give again. Study the supple buttocks of Donatello's David; there you will find, in part, what we hope you have been seeking.


9) Regarding apexart: THE MIRACLE CLUB propose Nothing and can guarantee the manifestation of (almost) Anything and Everything. Shock of pleasure!




2016-2017 unsolicited program proposal


Henry Olcott & Helena Blavatsky a.k.a. Anne Koskiluoma & Brett Davidson 






(image courtesy, blavatskytheosophy.files.)

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