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Secret Origins — Year 2016 (To The Muses)

Biannual Art Issue, Nr. 1, June 2016


Welcome to the Dreamland

Edited by AK . UE . BD

Based on the Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan of RK, 2016


I Love Paris

Itinéraire monté par AK . UE . BD

Selon le livre des passages de WB, 2015


Glass House — on having nothing to say about Philip Johnson

by Brett Davidson

Atopia Project No. 6.33, 2011



Future Publications


>> We Are The New Elephants 

>> The Good Book

>> Thank You for Your Submission

>> Backseat Banter: New York City Taxi Talk

>> Almost Readymades

>> Hero City: UNDEND Architects and OUC do Helsinki!




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